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Dubai company establishments costs

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Dubai company establishments costs

Establishing a company in Dubai primarily takes a lot of preparation time. There are some formalities to take care of and it’s best to do it with the help of a competent consulting company – like Zurich Trust Group. Without a local support and insider knowledge, establishing a company is not recommendable. Once all the documents are available, the establishment itself will take 1-2 weeks. Therefore, do not save on the consultation costs!

Types of companies you can establish in Dubai:

Costs for a Freezone Company in Dubai

Costs for offshore in Dubai

Costs for a mainland company in Dubai

Costs for an LLC company in Abu Dhabi

Cost for Freezone company in Dubai

The exact costs for the establishment of a Freezone company – which means a company in the free-trade zone – in Dubai depend on various conditions. For the establishment of a free zone company in Dubai, it is not mandatory to be resident in Dubai, and being on site for the company registration is not mandatory either. Basically, company establishments in Dubai result in costs in the four-digit range. Feel free to ask us for an individual offer. It is cheaper than you might think!

Costs for offshore in Dubai

As an offshore location, Dubai offers many opportunities for foreign companies and immense tax advantages. The legal form of an offshore company is basically the same as that of a limited liability company. Let us advise you in detail about the possible advantages of an offshore subsidiary in Dubai. Then, you will also learn more about whether such a company satisfies your expectations or whether you should switch to another form.

Costs for a mainland company in Dubai

As soon as you plan to trade within the Emirates with your company and when you need a bank account in the Emirates, the final decision often leads towards a so-called mainland company. The most popular form is the Mainland LLC (Limited Liability Company). At this point, it is necessary to have a local partner who holds 51% of the business shares. If 100% ownership is desired, the Mainland Company with Local Service Agent is the best option, which works similar to a civil law association. The third option would be the Mainland Company, which works like a limited liability company without a local service agent. It is essential that you look for comprehensive advice in this regard. The choice of the right company and legal form is enormously important for the success of your company in Dubai.

Costs for an LLC company in Abu Dhabi

A new establishment of a LCC company usually costs in the region of 4-digits. The costs vary according to the individual requirements. In addition to this, there would be annual costs which also include payments to the local sponsor who is mandatory for some legal forms. Although the local sponsor has to own 51% of the company in most cases, they do not necessarily have to get the same percentage of the profits. Whatever fees and payments have to be paid, can be agreed individually.
You should use a professional consultation company for any negotiations and contract arrangements. The Zurich Trust Group is very experienced and always happy to help you with any requests.

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