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Influencer licence Dubai

Dubai is currently the top destination for influencers. Summer temperatures in winter, beautiful beaches, cool restaurants and a great skyline offer plenty of room for staging. There is a reason why many well-known influencers have recently moved to Dubai. Of course, the tax-free situation also plays an important role here – because even influencers have to pay taxes in Germany. Dubai, on the other hand, is tax-free!

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Additional authorization: Influencer license

Basically, there is no real influencer license for Dubai in that sense, but it is about an additional social media authorization for people who have already obtained a residence visa – that is, a residence permit – for the United Arab Emirates.

Influencer license costs

In case you already obtained a residence visa for Dubai, you can apply for the so-called Influencer License as an additional authorization. In case you don’t have a residence visa yet, you can either establish a Freezone or Mainland company and obtain the visa and subsequently the additional authorization.

Kosten einer Influencer Lizenz

Influencer License Insights - Questions & Answers

Why do many influencers emigrate to Dubai?

Summer temperatures when it’s winter season in Germany. A great skyline, deserts and beaches. This is how dream-like Dubai presents itself in Germany. Not only more and more tourists, but also more and more influencers dream of a stay in Dubai. Particularly for influencers, it is worth it to emigrate to Dubai. There is a bunch of cool photo opportunities and many services free of charge. All of this is because Dubai wants to further promote tourism and strengthen the country’s image. Therefore, influencers who contribute to this are very welcome. Since influencers have to pay income tax in Germany (even on benefits in kind, such as free products, etc.), but there is no income tax in Dubai, moving to Dubai can be worth it – especially for influencers.

Which influencers are in Dubai?

Some very well-known influencers have recently moved to Dubai or are increasingly reporting from there.

Why don't you pay taxes in Dubai?

Dubai has become rich through petroleum and nowadays earns a lot of money as an important trading center. Additionally, there are more and more earnings from the tourism business. Therefore, Dubai doesn’t need an income tax system like Germany in order to finance government spending. Bond yields and capital yield are tax-free in Dubai as well. Influencers also do not have to pay income tax in Dubai if they work from there.

How expensive is life in Dubai?

Dubai offers a high standard of living and a bunch of leisure activities. The cost of living is on average slightly below the level of Germany, but apartments are usually more expensive. In return, electrical devices, cars and gasoline are a lot cheaper. When it comes to all these costs, it has to be kept in mind that there are no income tax costs.

Dubai Influencer Taxes

Even though there is no income tax in Dubai, there still is value added tax (VAT). A VAT registration is mandatory and any benefits, products or services received must be considered and declared in the VAT statement.

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